Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

Life is good.
I have been in wonderful state of contentment lately. Changing my routine and getting up in the mornings before everyone else for some "me time" has made me a new woman! I have always heard that all mother's, especially SAHM's should get up early and start their day this way but I always bulked at the "getting up early" part.
My normal Day would have gone like this: G getting out of bed, poking his baby sister L, Baby L screaming, me groaning and rolling out of bed, scolding my son for poking his sister while picking her up out of crib, soothing her, changing her diaper while G (2yrs old and said big brother) whines for "more cheerios too" and "more milk too, more yogurt too", L (7 month little sister) crying for her bottle, and me trying to change, feed and calm two children at the same time. All this before my much needed cup of coffee. Then I get on the computer, drinking my coffee, turn a cartoon on for G and try to wake up saying repeatedly "Not Until Mommy Has Her Coffee!"
Before I know it half the day is gone, looking at the clock I see that my Hubby will soon be home for lunch and I run around brushing teeth, getting dressed (maybe) and straightening up so it looks like I accomplished something...
The new me is much more on top of things, I do all that before the kiddos wake up and sometimes even go for a morning walk and shower! What a concept! It is truly amazing what a difference it makes in my day, how it makes me feel good, what a better Mom it makes me! It gives me Peace!
Another Fun Fact: Pureeing is Fun!
I borrowed my momma's food processor and have been sneaking spinach and carrots into meals to make them healthier.
Speaking of healthier, if you could see me right now, you would see a healthier leaner me! I have been walking/running almost every evening 3 miles at a time. My sis in law is a great motivator! I have a few more lbs to lose to get to my pre-baby weight and wanting to shed a few more after that. Toning and eating better has made me feel great. I have even been saving up calories for the nights I drink a couple glasses of wine ;) We had to stop sending G to daycare because of budget issues (or in English, we are broke) and I have been trying to make sure I provide him with everything he is missing out on. Which means working on arranging play dates, more arts and crafts and learning new songs. So far he hasn't seemed disappointed so hopefully I am doing something right! On that note, breakfast is over so it is time to devote my time to these two precious monsters. Have a wonderful thankful day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

There's a rain cloud above my head...

Goodness I am one Cranky Mommy today!

 I'm not sure what started it, I am pretty sure I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning...
 L woke up a little cranky but I don't blame her, she had a diaper full and she has 2 teeth fighting to break through. So I was understanding with her. G woke up really happy and we started the morning with watching The Land Before Time to learn about Dinosaurs.
My coffee was wonderful, I made smoothies and I talked to my sister. Somewhere in between that and Daddy coming home from work for lunch, everything changed along with all of our moods...
I spent most of the day fighting with the kids and then trying to rest when they napped that I didn't get much accomplished around the house, leaving me feeling even more inadequate for the role of SAHM.
I definitely didn't get entered in for the Best Mom of the Year award today.
Here's to hoping for a better tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time is Flying By

Everyone told me that my second child would grow up even faster than my first...
Now I believe them!

My two year old seems to be saying bigger, better sentences everyday, throwing bigger and badder tantrums daily, and becoming more and more independent with each passing moment. We took them to the Library on Sunday and he got to use the computer for the first time, applied for his own Library Card and picked and checked out his own books. As I watched him climb up into a chair and open his own book to read it by himself, I handed the baby to my husband so I could retreat to the washroom to wipe my eyes...

My seven month old has decided to get several big milestones out of the way all at once. Not too long ago she had just started scooting around, now suddenly she is sitting herself up without support, crawling some, pulling up to her knees, standing in her crib and sporting her first tooth. She has also learned her first word, "Dada", which she has begun to pair with "blahblahbaba yahahayaya" in wonderful jabber sentences. What a character she has become!

Did I fall asleep or something?

We have decided that we are happy with just the two kiddos, no more having babies for us (not on purpose anyway). I am excited to be done with the baby stage, to grow with my children, but it is a little sad knowing that these are the last times we will be experiencing the baby "firsts". I can't help tearing up when one of them does something new, something that proves that they are growing up and growing further away from Mommy. I know they will always need me but knowing that I wont always be the one to take care of them is a little disheartening.

I am just going to have to enjoy every moment that I get to be the most important person in their eyes, the moments that I get to make them feel better or teach them something new about Life.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Truth Teller and the 3 C's

 I was recently labeled a "Truth Teller" and love it!

If you haven't noticed already, I write the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth in this Blog.There will always be a bit about being married and being a mother and mostly I just write about me. I know this may seem like I am selfish or conceited or just plain self absorbed. But the fact is that I truly believe that you or someone you know can relate to what I experience and how I feel. Like most of you, I learn best by example. So if I can help anyone at all, I plan on continuing to write even the embarrassing stuff. Sorry to make you blush ;)

With that being said, Let's talk about the 3 C's.
I have recently been obsessed with my appearance. Not so much that I want to turn heads as I walk by, (although that wouldn't hurt) but so that I feel good about myself. If I feel good about myself, I will function better as a Mother and a Wife. (And if Momma's happy, Everyone's Happy)

That brings me to the first C. Confidence! Or Self Confidence to be more exact. Most women that I know are very self conscience about their looks, lets turn that into Confidence ladies!
To be Confident in our looks, most of us just need to Change.

You guessed it, that's the second C. Change can be any number of things to you. Change in eating habits, exercising routines, attitude or hairstyle and clothes. Whatever Change you need to make to get you on the path to self Confidence.

Control is the next step. We have to learn to take Control to Change to become Confident.
You may remember my May = Momma Madness post awhile back... I was so ready to jump into Change but forgot to add in the Control to keep it up.

 So here it is a new month and I am at it again. I recently read a really great book that I suggest you all read to. I was able to relate to the main character in Your Roots Are Showing completely and I am inspired to take charge of my life before it takes charge of me. I have given myself til the end of this month to lose the last 7 lbs of baby weight and to tone up (actually exercise) until I can look in the mirror and like the way my clothes fit. I have been walking every evening and trying to work on the motivation to get out of bed every morning before my children wake up so I can workout and shower. I am Confident in my ability to take Control and Change!

Time for my walk, tonight I try jogging!

My goal is to look half as good as this again!