Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Let's Talk about Love Baby"

I'm talking friend love... You know, relationships...
This has been on my mind a lot lately. The different types of love and friendships you go through in life. The ones you keep and the ones you lose. How growing up affects them.
I've always been the type to "fall in love with people", if I like someone, it has always been easy for me to want to be fast friends. In the past this has been good and bad, because you see, this also leaves me wide open to get hurt. When I was little I remember my Favorite best friends, the ones I looked forward to seeing after summer break, the ones I played with during the summer. I was always the "social butterfly" as all of my progress reports say. I was always the type to have one best friend or one group of close friends and talked to everyone. Relationships were easy then. (although the drama of H.S made them all seem so hard) Looking back you realize those were the "loving is easy" days.
Well then the growing up starts, Life takes over and you change. Getting Married, having babies, moving away: all that changes the relationships you have.
Your husband becomes the most important person in your life instead of even your Best Girlfriend. The saying " we will never let a guy come between us" doesn't apply anymore. We had a hard time finding other couples to hang out with because we were always on a different page in life. We got married young. And of course having kids changes Everything!
I learned over the years to not fall so hard for friends, to just enjoy the fun times. I have been hurt a lot but it was because I tried too hard. I am content with the friendships I have, the Bestie, the fun ones, the new ones, the talk or texting ones, the catch up with once a month ones, and the see eachother once a year ones. I love them all and have figured out that even the friendships lost were a lesson in life. A lesson on enjoying every moment and that what once was lost can always be found.

I've missed you!

I have had so much to talk about, I'm hoping I have it all stashed in my head so I can get it all on here! It's amazing how dependent we are on technology these days. My daily routine was so messed up for more than a week and I was completely lost. I wont bore you with the computer problems and the tech support issues... I am just happy to have it back and hope that it is now fixed.
The newest addition to our family fun : A veggie garden! We are so excited to finally have a garden. We have talked for years about puting one in but have always made excuses not to start it: too expensive, no room, blah blah blah! So this year we just jumped right in. We decided that if we put a raised bed in, we could always move it later if needed, or expand it next year. We went and prised all the material on it and were a little discouraged at just how much it would cost to get one started. So my super handy husband came up with a brilliant idea (as always) and used some scrap sheet medal leftover from the shop, and some 2X4 he had laying around to build an 8X8 box. We had to go out and get some fencing to keep our dogs out of it and put in a few tomato plants, jalapeno and bell peppers, lettuce, peas, squash and strawberries. Just enough for our little family the first year. We cant wait to watch it grow!
The best part of the day was spending so much time with the family! We all went and bought plants, took naps and planted together! here are a few pics to document the fun:

Grant played in the dirt for awhile

Puting the first Tomato Plants in...

Grant planted his own Strawberry plant, he's such a big boy!

Lela just hung out in here Bouncer watching the whole time!

What a wonderful Family fulled day! Even the Dogs enjoyed hanging out with us!

We had a really great weekend together. We were worn out and Dusty and I got a little sunburned ;) but overall an excellent weekend.

Next Blog: Something Serious...