Saturday, July 16, 2011

Its too Hot to Play Outside

I just had a vision of myself as an old lady...

I am obsessed with buttons. All shapes, sizes, and colors.
I don't really use them for anything, except for the occasional scrapbooking project (which I can never find or make the time to do).

One Saturday, as a family, we drove around checking out garage sales and local craft sales. At the retirement home, they were having a big inside sale that had air conditioning calling to us to stop in and cool off. Not expecting to find anything that we couldn't live without we just enjoyed walking around.
Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see colors, little round objects in baby food jars,  lots of pretty colors! I was drawn to them like a child is to candy.
The first table I came to had two little old ladies selling various craft supplies along with several baby food jars full of buttons. Each jar had been organized by color, some with a mix of pastels others with an assortment of brights. The one I couldn't live without had yellows mixed with oranges, dazzling before my eyes! I handed over four quarters for one and  six quarters for a bigger jar full of muted colors.  I decided two jars better be my limit. 

  Have you seen how much a jar of buttons can go for in some antique stores? I once ran across a big mason jar for $40! Can you imagine spending that much money on buttons? My obsession doesn't even go that far...So thinking I had hit the jackpot, I thanked the women and walked around some more. At the other end of the room there was a whole table dedicated to buttons, several matching sets sewn nicely to cardboard strips and arranged by size and color. Beautiful buttons for only $.50 a strip! I ended up walking away with a few different colors making my grand total to $5.00 just in buttons.
The date on the lid is Dec of 1987.

Obsession satisfied.

So on this hot Saturday morning while the boys are out in the shop and the baby is sleeping, I am sorting through my buttons. Examining each one and dividing them up in a rainbow of colors. It may sound silly but it truly is relaxing. As a little old lady I will be selling these very buttons and the many more I collect over the years, in baby food jars at the local craft sale.