Monday, August 22, 2011

May the Positive Force Be With You!

It seems like I am always on the path to one self improvement or another. My life could probably be categorized under the "Self Help" section of the Library... hehe

At least I'm trying, right?

My new goal is to be more positive everyday.

You are probably saying to yourself "What? You are one of the most positive people I know!"  Well I am, by default. I try to portray self confidence and positiveness as much as possible but have come to realize that I adapt very well to my surroundings. I pick up on other's energy and make it my own. I have a need to be liked by all and at 26 years old I am finally able to admit that I am a follower. I can try to change, to not care what other's think, to be my own person, but all in all I am who I am. So since I can't control most of all of that, it's time to take charge of what I can. I'm starting with surrounding myself with the positive energy I want to emit from myself. That means eliminating the negative. I want to be happy and spread happiness where ever I go. I owe this not only to myself, but to my family, coworkers and friends. If I expect those around me to be positive and joyful, I need to be the example they need. I truly hope that my children can pick up on this and carry it through their lives.
So, my current goals are as follows: Be and stay more positive, conquer my weight loss goal, train my body to withstand running, strive to be a better person, enjoy life and be thankful for every moment and to continue on my "Self Help Journey."
I Will Be Better.