Thursday, March 24, 2011

Minivan Mania!

So the Big Issue for Today is: Buying a Minivan.  Uh huh I have gone to the darkside... I want a minivan BAD!! I am so jealous of all the minivan moms out there. Right now we drive a little chevy malibu
Like this one minus the sweet rims...(insert major sarcasm)
 and there is definitely not enough room for my husband, me, our 2 children, our 2 dogs, and anything we might want to travel with at any certain time. (not that the dogs go everywhere with us but Im making a point) Grocery shopping is fun, the trunk is taken up by our huge double stroller and odds and ends u probably find in all trunks. Our back seat is filled up, and of course as most of you car driving moms probably sympathize with, the front seats are up so close, your knees almost touch the dash because of the huge carseats in the back. Our car is packed! We have been talking about taking a vacation... but before we ever do that I am getting a minivan, I am determined. At first we just joked about it, We worked very hard to rid ourselves of debt, no car payment for us! So taking on a monthly payment is not ideal or even possible at this moment. So I thought the dream of soccer-mom-dom was just a dream.... Well then my very smart husband mentioned trading in the car and we looked it up, would you believe it is worth something? (It would probably be worth more if we had those same ballin' rims) The thought of using our car to get another just never entered my mind, but when it did, BAM Obsession takes over! So we started searching last night, and found one, THE ONE (isn't it a beauty)
 4 hrs away from us. We couldn't call bc it was late last night. So of course I couldn't sleep. It was like waiting for Christmas Morning! Finally Dusty was able to get ahold of them this morning...but it was already sold...Im not going to lie, super Bummed. So We are on the hunt.  I have been calling all of the local car lots getting info today and hopefully we will find the time this weekend to drive around and check them out. So if you know of anything around the $5000 and under price range let us know! And just to be clear: Dusty is just as excited as I am, we are throwing sexiness out the door and bringing in the practical!

My First Day Blogging = Cleaning out the closet that is my mind.

Sorry For all the Random blogs, I promise once I get my head cleared out a little, I will start blogging about day to day issuses like a normal person... haha Well as normal as I get anyway. I dont think that is a word I ever hear associated with ME.
So, issues on my mind lately (not in any certain order) :

Weight loss (who isn't thinking about that now adays)
Church or more specifically Religion
My Past
To Stay Home or to Work
How did I get so lucky in life? Will it stay this good?
Neverending Housework
Child Development: Who will our children be?
Going back to school and what to be when I grow up.

Have I lost the few readers i have yet? My Mind is a jungle of googly gook as of late. I wont go thru it all now, I just wanted to get them down before I forget...Im sure I will be adding to that list.

Let me add a disclaimer to my Blog: This goes to everyone reading; I am talking from my heart, from my crazy mind. Some things are thought about but forgotten before they are said. Some things should not be said. Some things do not have a specific audience to be said to. Some of the things I write will be just random thoughts and ideas so I ask please do not take anything I say personally or be offended personally.  


Let's Play Catch up...

First a little about me and my family: My name is Ashley 26 yr old Female lookin for a daily companion, a good listener, an outlet. This is why I am here.
 I am Perfectly Content with Life as I know it, I have an amazing Husband, who is my best friend and rock for sure. I have 2 beautiful children; Grant who just turned 2 yrs old, and Lela who will 5 months old in a few days. Thats where the Busy Momma part comes in! I have been a Stay at Home Mom for just over a year now. There have been ups and downs to staying home, I love every moment I get with my children, but I also miss the daily adult interaction that I took for granted before.


Thanks to FB I have started following a few blogs by some very talented women who have inspired me to put my thoughts on here.
 I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately, through that time I should have been blogging, it would have helped organize my thoughts and feelings better. I am in a constant state of  "finding myself"; something that feels like I should have done in Highschool, or during a mid life crisis. But here I am, figuring out just who this woman in the mirror is.
 I think I am playing catchup with life: as a child I grew up fast and looking back have realized how the past shaped my life today. It is such a relief to know that I have turned out to be an awesome mommy and my husband "says" I am a great wife (so I will just go with that) lol I've never been one to judge others, but I am super self conscience which is something I am trying to be better at. It very much matters to me how others see me, when all I want is for them to see me as one that doesn't.
 So that is where I wonder: who am I? Who do I want to be? All I do know is that being his wife and their mommy has been the best thing I have ever done!
So now you can follow me on the journey of this perfectly content busy momma's life!

I'm Joining the Blogging Mom Gang...

Well I have decided to do it, I hope I don't disappoint I'm not much of a writer but I always have a lot to say and my 2 yr old just doesn't get me sometimes.. ;) So Here goes!