Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

Life is good.
I have been in wonderful state of contentment lately. Changing my routine and getting up in the mornings before everyone else for some "me time" has made me a new woman! I have always heard that all mother's, especially SAHM's should get up early and start their day this way but I always bulked at the "getting up early" part.
My normal Day would have gone like this: G getting out of bed, poking his baby sister L, Baby L screaming, me groaning and rolling out of bed, scolding my son for poking his sister while picking her up out of crib, soothing her, changing her diaper while G (2yrs old and said big brother) whines for "more cheerios too" and "more milk too, more yogurt too", L (7 month little sister) crying for her bottle, and me trying to change, feed and calm two children at the same time. All this before my much needed cup of coffee. Then I get on the computer, drinking my coffee, turn a cartoon on for G and try to wake up saying repeatedly "Not Until Mommy Has Her Coffee!"
Before I know it half the day is gone, looking at the clock I see that my Hubby will soon be home for lunch and I run around brushing teeth, getting dressed (maybe) and straightening up so it looks like I accomplished something...
The new me is much more on top of things, I do all that before the kiddos wake up and sometimes even go for a morning walk and shower! What a concept! It is truly amazing what a difference it makes in my day, how it makes me feel good, what a better Mom it makes me! It gives me Peace!
Another Fun Fact: Pureeing is Fun!
I borrowed my momma's food processor and have been sneaking spinach and carrots into meals to make them healthier.
Speaking of healthier, if you could see me right now, you would see a healthier leaner me! I have been walking/running almost every evening 3 miles at a time. My sis in law is a great motivator! I have a few more lbs to lose to get to my pre-baby weight and wanting to shed a few more after that. Toning and eating better has made me feel great. I have even been saving up calories for the nights I drink a couple glasses of wine ;) We had to stop sending G to daycare because of budget issues (or in English, we are broke) and I have been trying to make sure I provide him with everything he is missing out on. Which means working on arranging play dates, more arts and crafts and learning new songs. So far he hasn't seemed disappointed so hopefully I am doing something right! On that note, breakfast is over so it is time to devote my time to these two precious monsters. Have a wonderful thankful day!