Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It is all worth it!

 Remember me?

Last time we talked, I had just enrolled in College, G wasn't potty trained and
L had just turned 1.

 Life has progressed a lot since then!

   G gave us the best present by deciding to commit to potty training and was wearing his big boy underwear full time by Christmas, a few months before he turned 3 yrs old. My little man has become just that, a little Man! Watching him grow and change this last year has been so much fun. He is making friends and trying new things, his confidence levels are growing everyday. A once very cautious boy is learning that taking risks can be a good thing, especially when they come in the shape of a big red tunnel slide! Just yesterday he realized how much fun a pool was, even the deep end where he could swim around in his floaties. I become more and more proud of him everyday and love watching him be a good big brother to L.

   Speaking of L, she has changed the most since I wrote last. At a little over a year and a half, she is literally running circles around me, repeating everything she hears, and attempting to do everything her big brother does. She has always been fearless, my little daredevil. We are doing our best to encourage her attempts while teaching her to be safe. I have decided that she is my little Imp, although much prettier than the usual definition of the creature. She is definitely mischievous, always getting into something and then grinning about it. Her latest love is her "MeMe" which in our language means Mermaid. She plays, baths and sleeps with her "MeMe".  Although she likes playing with Bubba's cars and trucks, she is all girl. She loves her toes painted pretty pink and her hair done up with a bow. L is growing into a beautiful little girl.

    As for College, I haven't quit yet ;) My first semester back was difficult, on me as well as my family. Between my night class and the online courses I kept busy with homework leaving my husband to do the majority of housework and childcare. The stress was a lot for everyone.  I finished the semester with decent grades, with only needing to retake one class this summer...Any guesses to which one? Yep, Algebra! So I will have it for a month seated instead of online and know that I will do much better this time around. Then onto another full semester of classes. This time instead of taking mostly online classes I will be on campus all day two days a week. I am in the process of finding a job that will work around my school schedule, needing to work only Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. It makes me so nervous not having that planned out yet. At least I am sure that school and my teaching degree are the correct path.

   I  have enjoyed my summer break, hanging out with my babies and remodeling the house. D worked very hard to fix up the upstairs so we could move our bedroom back up there, something that I have been so nervous to do. I wish our house was only one story where we could be on the same level as our children, but they are ready for their own spaces and we need more room, so here goes.

    Life has been crazy lately, throwing a lot of different experiences my way. Being pulled in different directions, staying busy and stressed has had a way of showing me what is important. I will always choose to be a great mom to my children. Every decision I make points to them.