Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sun at the end of the tunnel...

Thank Goodness for the Sun today! Its very encouraging to have a beautiful day after several stormy, rainy ones.
To celebrate The Sun, I decided to jump start my day with a couple cups of coffee, Barney for my 2 yr old and couponing for me! I have been searching for ways to cut down our spending and Groceries seem to be the big one... So I have been online finding coupons.
Another way I have tried to improve my Homemaker status is to do a better job keeping house. I'm not sure why I am so lazy when it comes to keeping my house clean. I was raised to clean, and clean a lot! Neither of my parents were ever lazy and they would probably be very shocked if they saw my house on a regular basis. My excuse, I'm rebelling from all the years I had to clean back
I am a huge advocate of playing with my children more than I care about the housework. They aren't going to remember if the dishes were done or not. I want them to remember all the fun we had not how much time I spent cleaning our home.
But that's just it, it is our Home, and I feel we would all be happier if our Home was cleaner on a daily basis. Now I'm not saying that my house is a disaster or filthy all the time, but I do the usual stressed out cleaning frenzy whenever someone calls to say they are stopping by. And that's if they call! You can imagine how stressed I am when someone just stops by! I don't want or need that extra stress in my life. So I am determined to keep it under control, everyday.
 I am super excited about this EBook a friend of mine posted on FB today and if you haven't heard of it already you must check it out!
31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way
Starting on the 1st I am going to join in on the 31 day challenge!
I am feeling pretty accomplished today, looking forward to working out tonight at Fit Club. We are doing Turbo Fire... thinking about it wears me out already but I really need to get back onto workout mode! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day as much as I am!