Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time is Flying By

Everyone told me that my second child would grow up even faster than my first...
Now I believe them!

My two year old seems to be saying bigger, better sentences everyday, throwing bigger and badder tantrums daily, and becoming more and more independent with each passing moment. We took them to the Library on Sunday and he got to use the computer for the first time, applied for his own Library Card and picked and checked out his own books. As I watched him climb up into a chair and open his own book to read it by himself, I handed the baby to my husband so I could retreat to the washroom to wipe my eyes...

My seven month old has decided to get several big milestones out of the way all at once. Not too long ago she had just started scooting around, now suddenly she is sitting herself up without support, crawling some, pulling up to her knees, standing in her crib and sporting her first tooth. She has also learned her first word, "Dada", which she has begun to pair with "blahblahbaba yahahayaya" in wonderful jabber sentences. What a character she has become!

Did I fall asleep or something?

We have decided that we are happy with just the two kiddos, no more having babies for us (not on purpose anyway). I am excited to be done with the baby stage, to grow with my children, but it is a little sad knowing that these are the last times we will be experiencing the baby "firsts". I can't help tearing up when one of them does something new, something that proves that they are growing up and growing further away from Mommy. I know they will always need me but knowing that I wont always be the one to take care of them is a little disheartening.

I am just going to have to enjoy every moment that I get to be the most important person in their eyes, the moments that I get to make them feel better or teach them something new about Life.