Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 1.... Mondays are supposed to be lazy...

Day 1 and I am just now taking the time to start my challenge. Luckily it is an easy one for me because I already know the answer. The question is: Why Clean? I have to write a mission statement on why i want a clean home and why I want my home to be a haven. That way I will stay motivated to reach my goals. so here are the reasons I want a clean home in no certain order:

 I want my husband to come home to a stress free zone after work.
 I want to enjoy the time I have with my family in an uncluttered space.
 I want a healthy family.
 I want to be stress free when a guest arrives.
 I want a home that reflects who I want to be.
 I want to look back on each day and feel accomplished not only as a mother and wife, but also as a Homemaker, my chosen profession.

Today started out slow with a chance to sleep in and wonderful cuddle time with my baby girl. I had a great phone conversation with my favorite Aunt, and enjoyed the freedom of the day. Then my son came home from daycare sick with a fever, poor boy isn't feeling well. and it's been crazy ever since. Definitely one of those days that I wish I would have gotten up early to get the chores done so I could feel accomplished instead of lazy... So it's nap time and after jotting this down, I am going to straighten up the house a little so I feel better about it :) That's what Mondays are for right?