Monday, April 18, 2011

Wine helps the Whining...

This day started out wonderful...
  Grant (my 2 yr old) goes to daycare twice a week to get acclimated with other children, while I spend much needed time with Lela (my almost 6 month old). So today I was able to sleep in til 9 am because my daughter knows what beauty rest means. Started my day with baby smiles and 2 cups of coffee. Had a great time Skyping with my sister, and had big afternoon plans to Easter dress shop with my Lil girl. I'm not big into frilly dresses, but something about a baby girl in an Easter dress just makes me want to shop! Well before all the fun shopping I had to go and get our minivan legalized. Insurance, Accessor's office and Revenue Office. Fun Fun. This is where my wonderful morning turns into a crap day.
  By the time I left the DMV I was ready to cry. Somehow we had thought that we wouldn't have to pay sales tax on our trade in. Turns out you have to pay it on the difference of the trade in. So an unexpected $100.00 later I am on my way home instead of dress shopping with my daughter as planned. It's hard enough being a stay at home mom, with no income coming in. I feel guilty anytime I want to spend money on something for myself or something we don't need. Not that my husband makes me feel that way, I have just always worked for what I spent. So knowing that The Budget was going to be set back that much I knew the first thing I had to do when I got home was to figure it out. Well after a lot of figuring I figured it out... yep I figured out that we are short. Short on money that is. That figures... As I tell my husband I see his face fall. He works so hard as it is, no wife likes to see her husband like that.
  At least dinner was a success, I have a knack for throwing stuff together and making it edible.
  By the time dinner was over I had accepted that somehow money problems always work out and was ready to tackled the rest of my evening. D went out to work on a Job in the shop, and I continued my Job as Supermom :)
 hmmm how to describe what happened then... well to shorten it: time-out, tantrum, spanking, and meltdown. Those are just a few words that come to mind. Grant came home from daycare yet again without taking a nap, he has an issue with sleeping anywhere but in his bed, and made sure I knew it! Lela decided she needed every once of my attention because all day wasn't enough for her, and I am going to be brutally honest: I am PMSing. Yep I just wrote that out loud. So the combination turned lethal and bedtime did not come soon enough. Not that bedtime is any easier these days. Grant being 2, has decided he doesn't love bedtime like he used to. He fights it to the point he actually asks for time-out and spankings, anything but having to sleep. While hurrying through Grant's nighttime routine, Lela was screaming in the other room waiting for her night time routine. I am only one person, supermom or not. By the time I got both kids down, I was chugging the last half of Wine left in the fridge. So, to sum things up, If any of this is readable, you can thank the Wine. My night ends slightly intoxicated and pondering looking for work... Tomorrow will be a new day, a new beginning and hopefully a better day.