Friday, July 29, 2011

A New Chapter in My Life

Yes, another change is in the air! No, I am not pregnant again!

I have loved every moment of being a stay at home mom, OK that is a lie, I have loved almost every moment...but there was an opportunity for the best of both worlds, a part time job, and I took it!
I am now officially a "Food Tech" at the school that my children will be going to in the future. Just a fancy term for lunch lady I know, but I am so excited about it!

My hours are amazing, I am getting out of the house everyday, time away from my little monsters, holidays and summers off, and I still get to be Mom first. I think this is what I have been looking for.
 I'm excited to get to know the women i will be working with, to swap coupons and baby stories with and to have a little life outside of our home. Also it is good for my husband, taking some of the pressure to make the bills off his shoulders and for my children to socialize and learn new things at Daycare.

All this and I still have every afternoon and weekends to spend with my family! So here is to my new adventure!

"The Adams Family Values"

I have been so preoccupied lately! As a mother this is pretty much a constant state of being anyway, but I have taken it to a whole new level for me. Let me explain a little something about myself before I go on. If you haven't figured this out already, I will just put it right out there: I am an obsessive person. I have always been this way. Growing up, when a new band would strike my fancy or a show interested me, I would listen/watch it until I wore it out. I am sort of like that with people also, I get excited when I meet someone new that I fall in love with instantly and want to spend more time with them. Of course life is too busy for those kind of friendships anymore. Somehow D escaped the use and throw out part of my obsessiveness, maybe because he pursued me and stuck that ring on my finger before I could change my mind. Or maybe it is just that he is so completely amazing and perfect for me...

To get back to my point, I am on the trail of a new obsession, (thanks to my BFF, who started this whole thing)  one that keeps me challenged and takes up most of my thoughts: Ancestry. My favorite aunt, I mean that, I have always looked up to her, and I have decided to find the source of the craziness in our family (I say that affectionately of course) and have thrown ourselves into filling in our family tree. This has not been such an easy task as there are several unanswered questions and overused first names. That is the fun of the hunt though, the challenge. I find myself laying in bed at night, (when I finally tear myself away) thinking up the next words I will plug into my favorite search engine. Everyday I say to myself, "This is gonna be the day that I hit the jackpot, the day all the pieces will fit together." While searching I have come across a lot of interesting facts and stories, most of them not even related to my ancestors but amazing nonetheless. I have really enjoyed reading through other peoples lives.

 A man I respect more than any other person in my life, my GPA wrote this and I loved it so much I thought I should share it:

"I know that knowing a lot about our family is important, and we all have this curiosity about "where we came from". On the other hand,  Perhaps time spent on where I'm going, what I can accomplish for the  good of others, and how I might leave a legacy for mankind might be possibly more important. and of course, this comment is not intended to imply that your search is silly or a waste of time." I am going to think these words each morning when I wake up, what wise man he is!