Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This and that and now...

Time flies when you are having fun...and unfortunately that has caused me to neglect my blog... Any spare time I have had has been spent spending time with my family. When I actually get a moment of me time, I don't want to spend it thinking or writing ;)

Working at a public school has been fascinating.  I love to watch the children interact with each other. I wonder on a daily basis what my children will act like around their peers, if they will remember their manners around adults and follow the rules.
As a lunch lady, I think I see some of them at their rowdiest, full of energy, hungry and ready for recess. The rainy days are the worst! hehe
I watch some of these kids and wonder what their stories are, whether my smile and hello will be the only one they get that day, if they had to get themselves ready that morning and if the food we prepared is the best meal they get on that day. There are some days that I go home tired from the hard work, but I try to remember that what I am doing is making a difference, I am helping feed our future...haha

Update: I finally took the plunge, I am officially enrolled in college, waiting to register for my classes. I am going to start be getting my Associates of Arts in Teaching  PreK-4th grade, and see where that leads me. I'm nervous and excited about starting school. I am ready for the challenge but scared of the stress it will put on me and my family. Time, it is all about making time for everything and everyone... something I struggle with on a daily basis. So here goes!

My husband D has been busy working a lot, but every moment he has free has been dedicated to his family. We have had so much fun lately, playing with the kids and watching them start to play together. He has been teaching our son how to bat and throw a baseball, in the house might I add ugh! He really is the most amazing father. Watching him with them makes me smile, makes me feel safe knowing that everything would be OK if anything ever happened to me. What a great feeling, that knowledge.

My kiddos are growing up faster and faster everyday. They are a whirlwind of learning and playing and my house is proof of it! I simply can not keep up. LBug recently turned 1yr old, already running, yes I said running, jumping and saying new words. Today she said "ball" and I about cried on the spot, I was so proud. GDawg is almost 3, only five more short months left of the terrible twos ;) He is blowing me away with each new thing he does. Lately he spells out every word he comes across, naming each letter and asking me "What's that spell Mommy?" Today I walked in on him drawing and asked him what he was doing, he informed me that he was drawing letters. Sure enough, I look and there is an upper case "E", an "O" and he showed me how to draw the letter "C". He can count and is right around the corner from reading, now to get him to commit to potty training!
I am immensely proud of my children, something that I hope they always know. I plan on making sure I tell them as much as possible.

That was probably a lot to read, there is so much more to tell, I will try to break it up in more recent posts from now on!